ShaggyDemographics advertisers reach over 4.5 million views a month. The majority of visitors consist of an educated, fairly wealthy audience that has the buying power advertisers are looking for. With more than 100k+ unique visitors a month, averaging  11+ page views per visit, the community is a collection of engaged regulars and addicts that share on topics from sports to politics. These engaged users that make up the community are perfect targets for advertisers as most spend extended periods on the site which improves click thru rates as opposed to the casual passers –by who only spend a short time on a site and don’t have enough exposure to the advertising to invoke an action. In short, users are addicted and our advertisers benefit from this user profile. While has a membership community from all over the world, the majority live in and around Texas.


These premium advertising units are located at the top of each page which generates the highest amount of click thru rates. The ad space is a large 728x90 block that allows for both a branding and offer opportunity.

Monthly Rate Views
$1850.00 1 Million
$899.00 500,000
$499.00 250,000
$199.00 100,000

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Example Customer:
If a pizza shop bought a $200 ad package which would be seen 100,000X,
they would only need a 0.01% conversion rate to pay for the ad.

(10 Customers spend an average of $20 = $200)

at 0.1% conversion rate they would see a 10X return

(100 Customers spend an average of $20 = $2000)


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